Personalisation is about you taking control of your own life and having your say.

"The Mungo Foundation can support you to achieve this"

Personalisation Charter :
what you can expect from us

  • To be treated as an individual
  • To be treated with dignity and respect
  • Confidentiality at all times
  • Support appropriate to your needs
  • To plan your own support with help if needed
  • To be supported to be in control of your life and make decisions about your life
  • To take positive risks
  • Support to manage your Individual Budget if you need it
  • To have your voice heard and to be supported to access independent advocacy or to use a representative of your choice if you wish

Self Directed Support

Personalisation is about transforming social care and means planning and working with people to help them live the life they want. Self Directed Support (SDS) is a new way of organising the social care system to ensure people have as much control as possible over planning, organising and purchasing the support they need.

This is to ensure people who need support can make use of the facilities and services in communities like everyone else.

If you are eligible and based on the amount of help you need, the local authority will allocate you on an Individual Budget (IB) which you can use to meet your assessed needs.

There is a range of creative ways in which your money can be used and you can get help to draw up our plan of support - personal to you!

It is knowing the amount of money you have allocated to you in your Individual Budget that makes this new system different, as it means that YOU can decide how  it is best used to meet your particular needs. 

You Individual Budget

The Mungo Foundation can assist you with this new system. We can:

  • Help you look at your needs
  • Help you put together a support plan that supports your needs
  • Help you decide what outcome or goals you want support with

We also can provide a variety of support options you may wish to buy using your Individual Budget allocation.

We work in partnership with Housing Associations, Colleges, Employers, Health Services, other providers and Community Organisations to give you the maximum range of options and best value, making your money in your Individual Budget go further.

What We Can Provide?

  • 24 hour support in a variety of settings
  • person centred support planning
  • support with personal care as required
  • support to access local facilities
  • access to day and evening activities
  • access to weekend activities
  • access to local colleges and courses
  • support to enter employment
  • support in employment and for volunteering
  • support to take holidays or short breaks
  • support with domestic duties
  • support to help you maintain your tenancy and to meet the requirements of your tenancy agreement
  • support with managing your budget and money
  • support to enter employment/volunteer work
  • a payroll service should you wish to employ your staff directly
  • training and learning programmes for you, your staff or others involved in your life and support
  • benefit and welfare support from a professional advisor

The Mungo Foundation operates in a person centred and flexible way. We can tailor our options to meet your particular needs and requirements.

If there is something you need help with and it is not listed here, please call us on 0141 226 1610 and we will do our best to help.