Support Plans

At The Mungo Foundation we will work with you and other significant people in your life who you wish to involve to design your Support Plan. 

A well written Support Plan will be developed using personal centred approaches and  will tell us what are the most important things and people in your life and what we need to do to successfully support you.  It will give those supporting you a sense of who are, what  your personality is like, what your interests are and what dreams you have for the future.  It will also tell us what we need to do to ensure that you are kept safe and well, and what we need to do to support you to take risks in your life in order to support you in achieving your aspirations.

Within the context of personalisation, an Outcome Based Support Plan is essential to ensure best use of your Individual Budget.  This will help to define what your outcomes (goals) in life are and how you will use your Individual Budget to achieve these.  Your Outcome Based Support Plan will state what changes you want to make in your life and the support you need to make these changes.  It will define how you will be kept fully involved in the decision making process with regards to your support in order that you remain In Control.  

For each outcome (goal) you want to achieve we will discuss with you how best to support you to achieve this.  We will state within your Support Plan how we will support you with each of these processes.  Your Outcome Based Support Plan will also state how you will be supported to enable changes in your life to happen.  Each of the parts of your support will then be costed within the financial parameters of your Individual Budget.  We will then work in partnership with you and the local authority in having the Outcome Based Support Plan agreed and confirmation attained that your Individual Budget can be used in the way stated. 

We will ensure that your Support Plan is reviewed at least every 6 months or whenever changes in your life, circumstances, aspirations or outcomes occur.  It is essential that your Support Plan enables you to achieve your outcomes and if, on review, it is found that these are not being achieved, we will, in full consultation with you and any significant others, make changes accordingly.

We recognise that whilst having a written Support Plan is useful for the staff who are involved in your support and for others who may be involved in the review of your support, a written sSupport Plan is not the best format for everyone so we will work with you to put it into the best possible format for you, be that, for example, in DVD form or on CD.