Who is the Service For?
Our services are for people who have dementia which affects them in differing ways, some to such an extent that they are no longer capable of living at home on their own, even with family support.

What can it Provide?
Our services provide good levels of staff support, in high quality community-based care home accommodation. We provide a real home, where the person and their family can feel involved, respected and safe; an environment where they are treated with dignity, and feel that they can make a contribution to society.

Where is it Provided?
Our older people dementia care home services are provided throughout Glasgow; we operate in Drumchapel, the Gorbals, Govanhill, Maryhill and Springbank.

How can I Request these Services?
Our services can be accessed by contacting the Area Manager or Project Manager directly - or by contacting the Social Work Department and requesting an assessment of needs. In most instances the  Social Work Department will have to carry out an assessment of the person to ascertain their suitability for the service.

Is There a Charge?
There is a charge. The charge will vary from centre to centre. The Social Work Department will meet most of the cost and clients are required to make a contribution. This will be fully explained by the Manager prior to a placement being offered.

How Long Will I Have to Wait?
This is dependent on various factors, including the availability of places. If the service does have a vacancy then as soon as the Social Worker involved carries out their assessment, and you are happy to move into the service, then you can do so.