The Cothrom Eile service provides support to 10 adults of both sexes with a history or drug dependency/homelessness who have reached a point in their lives where they are ready and able to engage in a structured residential programme.

The individuals are 18 years of age and over, currently homeless and may have a prior history of relapse in other treatment options. Individuals may have experienced complex needs, which have led to a chaotic lifestyle and the potential for challenging behaviour and have a history of severe dependencies, primarily drugs.

An individual considering this service will have reached a point where they wish to change their lifestyle and will have been detoxed from drugs or be stabilised on medication. The individuals will be ready and able to engage with a structured intensive group work/support programme to assist them to change their lifestyle. The individuals may have related mental/physical health issues which do not require hospitalisation, but need intensive support.

Services Offered

We offer a structured twelve week detoxification programme.
No limit on any methadone or other detoxification amount.
We offer a six month closed programme.


Project Manager
Cothrom Eile Project
8 - 12 Brighton Place
Tel: 0141 445 6763