Supported Living and Care at Home

The Mungo Foundation seeks to provide quality services that improve and enhance the lives of those we serve.

Within the context of Supported Living and Care at Home, we provide services that include; personal and intimate care; support with daily tasks of living and housing support tasks- as well as support in relation to  developing social, recreational and vocational opportunities.

Within these services we support individuals in their own tenancies to live as independently as possible. We strive to provide the right level of support and care that promotes the independence, inclusion and participation of people in their communities; we do this by developing and delivering personalised supports that reflect the needs, preferences and requirements of the person.

Each individual supported in our Supported Living and Care at Home Services will have an outcome based care and support plan (sometimes referred to as OBSP). This plan details the things that matter most to the person and how their support and care should be delivered.  The plan is developed with the individual, his/her care manager and with family/representatives as agreed with by the person.

The plan details the nature of support as well as the outcomes expected of the support. Regular review of the plan ensures that all those involved in the service and support of the person knows the person well and can identify any changes that are needed in the promotion of outcomes and delivery of service.