Learning Disability - Long Stay


Who is the Service For?
Our services are for adults with learning disabilities. We provide individualised care and support that is reflective of people’s dreams, wishes, needs and defined outcomes. The support we provide is, person centred and designed to ensure that the people who use our services are supported to grow, develop and realise their potential as valued and contributing members of their community. 

What can it Provide?
Our services reflect the wide range of needs which people who use our services present with. Our services support people with personal care, enable individuals to access local amenities and to participate more fully in the life of ther community - as well as supporting people to develope vocatyional, recreational and employment opportunities.

Where is it Provided?
Accommodation is offered in tenement buildings; purpose built bungalows and villas.

How can I Request these Services?
Our services can either be accessed through contacting the Service Manager or by contacting the local Social Work Department. Following this request the Social Work Department will carry out an assessment to ascertain the suitability of the service.

Is There a Charge?
Yes there is charge for services provided. The costs of each service vary in accordance with the level of support required. To access what the payment will be, the Social Work Department will carry out a financial assessment.

How Long Will I Have to Wait?
As soon as vacancies arise, all of the Social Work Area Teams are notified.