StartQuote  A Word from Tommy

My Wife has been a resident at Moffat Street project for 2 and a half years during this time she has received nothing but the very best of care and comfort and love.

When you enter the welcome you receive from staff is warm and freindly you feel part of a family, the home is spotless and my wife's room is lovely and the decor is bright and colourful. All the other residents are always dressed very smartly the staff even do their hair and paint their nails and make sure their every need is met.
The manager is always on hand if you want to ask any questions all the staff are truly wonderfuil they give more than what is expected of them in my eyes they are true heroes.

Staff are friendly and loving not just for my wife but to me and my family.
I am very glad that we found the Mungo Foundation indeed.

Yours sincerely,

StartQuote  A Letter from Marion

Dear Ms Donnelly,

I am writing to commend the excellent service given to my mother at Bankhall Court.

She was only there for a few months and provided many challenges to the staff during that time. Despite these difficulties, she was always treated with compassion and dignity as well as professionalism. Her individuality was respected above all.
As you can imagine, I found this period particularly stressful, and the staff at Bankhall were kind, informative and truly supportive.
My mother passed away peacefully on 22nd November at Bankhall Court. My family and I felt that we had a real extended family there at this time, helping us through in every way possible.We could not have asked for a better home for my mother for her last months.

Bankhall Court staff put into practice all the values outlined by the Mungo Foundation and we thank them on behalf of my mother and all the family.

With kind regards,

StartQuote  Aisha’s Story

When I came into the building (Stravaig) I explained everything to staff about my problems and what had happened to me; my story.

When I talked to them about this I felt like I had less burden.
I felt very alone and felt no good, uncomfortable and depressed, so staff try to make me feel better. Before nobody help me, now Stravaig staff were helping me, staff show me the right way. Now I feel strong. Before I felt I had nothing but everybody is helping me and now I feel I have nice future.
I eat halal meat that the project buys for me and I enjoy going out shopping with the staff to buy some. When I first came I did not have any my own money and staff helped me by making sure I had bus fares to go see my auntie.
When I need to talk to managers they are there to listen to me.
Staff are very nice. Every staff member makes me happy and gives time to listen to me. They are really caring towards me. I like it when staff go on outings with me, this makes me very happy. We went to see a Bollywood movie and I really enjoyed it. I have also never taken part in Halloween and everyone encouraged and helped me to take part. I had an unbelievable time, a very amazing day. I enjoy playing cereal box game with everybody and I won this game. I like baking with staff, everyone treats everyone nicely. All the residents are friendly. I have never baked before in my life. Yesterday I went with staff to the art museum. It’s the first time I’ve seen anything like it and I gained a lot of knowledge. One day staff, Sam-resident & me went to coffee bar, it was a very nice day, nice friendly talking. She said to me don’t worry, you will get the supports you need, she is really nice.
My birthday was very nice. Everyone came to see me on my birthday we had a little party in the dining room and I appreciated this .Staff came with me and buy my birthday gift from the project. I bought baby clothes for my baby due on the 28th Jan which staff helped me pick. It was really exciting and I really enjoy it.
Staff brought me in some clothes and toys and some blankets for my baby. And Sam-resident also brought me clothes for my baby and I got two sterilisers. Staff are going to bring in more for my baby.
The area is very nice but Stravaig would be nicer building if there was a lift and rooms must be refurbished.

I remember everyone in my prayers and there are no words how to say thank you to everyone.
When I leave this building I will really miss everyone and will remember everything, all the nice times.

Thank you very much for everything.
Aisha  J  

StartQuote  William’s Story

Hi my name is William,

I have been in homeless accommodation and some terrible bed and breakfast accommodations over the past year.

I got a bed at the Stravaig project on the 20/09/13, since then I have been involved with every aspect of my care, I also have been involved in regular weekly key work session and producing my care plan, I always feel my involvement is central to the support I have been given.
I always feel the staff treat me with dignity and respect, I always feel that my views are listen to. In my time here I have enjoyed a wide range of activities, by the staff from the Stravaig Project who help me preoccupy my time.
The staff are very helpful, and try and assist me whenever they can. I have been put in touch with a housing officer from The Hamish Allan Centre, and a housing officer from G.H.A. I have been assisted by the staff to attend various housing associations to fill out numerous application forms, and I have been given help with G.H.A Home Finder, by the staff at the Stravaig Project.
I have really enjoyed my time while I have been at the Stravaig Project, I also feel very confident that when I leave the Stravaig Project, I will be going into my own flat, and hopefully I will never need to stay in any homeless accommodation again.

The Mungo Foundation has been good to me and I hope that future young people will benefit from the Stravaig Project as much as I have.

With Thanks