How we're protecting the people we support, our staff and services


The coronavirus pandemic continues to pose a huge threat to vulnerable people across the country, and has brought about unprecedented changes to the ways we live, work and socialize. Thankfully, due to the watchfulness and solidarity of our front line staff, and the robust H&S processes and contingency planning introduced to support them, we have been able to adapt well to the threat to date. That being said, the pandemic continues to take a toll on all of us,  massively reshaping our work and social lives, and making it harder to connect with our loved ones.

On this page you’ll be able to learn more about how we’ve been managing the threat that COVID-19 poses to our services. Staff will also be able to find links to the support that is available to them, both through our own programmes (Qwell and CovidWEL) and also via the wider network of support that exists for health and social care employees at this time, such as The National Wellbeing Hub.




The vaccine has a crucial role to play in protecting our staff, the people we support, and our services as a whole. In this video staff spoke about their experience of the vaccine rollout, and addressed some of the misinformation surrounding the vaccine. Thank you to everyone who took part. For up to date, authoritative information on the vaccines visit NHS Inform.

Staying Connected

Over the last year, coronavirus restrictions have made it impossible for families to visit their loved ones living in our residential care services. This has been incredibly emotionally difficult for families and residents, and made it even more important to explore digital possibilities when it came to staying in touch. Thankfully, we were able to secure over 20 new iPads for our services via Digital Inclusion programmes run by Connecting Scotland and Glasgow Life. These have proved vital when it comes to bridging the gap between people we support and their loved ones – whilst also keeping residents entertained!

Restrictions on care home visits are now slowly being eased, with visits being allowed from early March, in line with the Scottish Government’s ‘Open with Care’ guidance. Click the link to find out more about ‘Open with Care’, or, if you’re looking to set up a visit, contact the relevant Project Manager.

Supporting Our Services

During the pandemic we’ve introduced various measures to keep our staff and services safe. These include increased hygiene protocols, PPE, workplace testing and vaccination. Our fantastic front line staff have been supported by our Rogart Street team, in particular our CODRAG group, who meet once a week to assess the risk to our services, discussing PPE levels, vaccination, staffing levels, workplace testing and more. Any concerns are escalated to the Executive Team.

In the event of an outbreak our H&S Advisor works closely with Environmental Health and the Project Manager to investigate it and bring it under control. The Care Inspectorate will work with the Project Manager throughout to monitor the outbreak until it has come to an end, and those who tested positive have shown no symptoms for 14 days.

We also have a range of support in place specifically for our staff, given the immense difficulty they have faced over the last year. See below for more.


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