The intrinsic value and dignity of human life is central to everything we do at The Mungo Foundation. We are committed to developing nurturing, supportive and person-centred environments. Within those environments the care that we offer is personalised for each individual that we support; it is designed to celebrate the dignity and value of that individual, and to enhance their quality of life.

Our holistic approach means that we take an interest in the whole life of each person we support.


We respect and celebrate the dignity of human life. We may not all come from the same place, or have the same experiences behind us, but we are all equally valuable. Only when everyone in society is truly valued, regardless of what disability they might be living with, or what challenges they are facing, can we be said to be a just society.

We endeavour to celebrate the humanity of those who are vulnerable, to reduce stigma and to speak out on issues affecting the people we support.


Community is about so much more than geography. It’s where we come from, and where we’re going; it’s that complex web of human relationships, which helps us to understand who we are, and it’s where we can reach our full potential. Our services are nurturing communities in their own right; people we support come together to learn from and help one another.

We also help those that we support, who in many cases can feel socially marginalised, to become active participants within their local communities, making valuable contributions to the world around them.

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