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What's On This Week

Current Hub Activity:

Core Group – next starts week beginning 17th Jule

Preparation – Thursday and Friday 10:30am – 12pm

Action/Maintenance – Tuesday and Thursday 13:00pm – 2:30pm


      After Care Group –11am – 12:30pm

Art – 13:30pm – 15:30pm

      Sewing Group – 5:30pm – 7pm


      Women’s Group – 12:30pm – 2pm

      Men’s Group – 2:30pm – 4pm

      Recovery Group – 5:30pm – 7pm


     Acu-detox – 12:30pm – 2pm


     Music Group – 1pm – 2:30pm


     Breakfast Club – 10:30am – 1:30pm




Group Work and Worksheets

Click the blocks below to find the Core Group programme / worksheet that you’re looking for:

Core Group 3

Taster Group (Coming soon)


What lives on the Recovery Hub noticeboard? Whatever you want!

If you have something you want to pin up here, just let Judit know by emailing

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