Support in your own home, the way you want it.


At Arden we offer housing support and care at home services to adults with mental ill-health (18+). Everyone has their own home, and the service is spread across the south of Glasgow. The people we support are at the heart of everything we do. We work alongside them, tailoring our support so that is right for each individual. In this way we help them to live independently and confidently within their community.

Our staff are non-judgemental, friendly professionals. We promote an inclusive environment, and are here to help you live the life you choose; your beliefs, culture and lifestyle will be at the heart of our approach to supporting you.

"The staff team know me very well and know when to be supportive. They put up with a lot from me, but know when I need time on my own so also when to leave me. I like this as it allows me to sort my head out”- Kenny

You will be assessed, if you’re seeking support from Arden. Together we will then develop your Outcome Based Support Plan; it is unique to you, based around your needs, wishes and the way you want to live.

We’ll set goals with you and help you to meet those goals. Whether it’s improving your cooking skills, decorating your flat or doing more activities in the community, we’ll give you the tools to do more of the things that you enjoy. We’ll support you with day to day skills like shopping and money management too, so that over time, you can live more independently.


How to Get Involved

If you or someone you know would like to be supported by the Arden service, you can make a self-referral (using the contact information on this page) or be referred to us by a Care Manager or health professional, like a psychiatrist, GP or Community Nurse.

An assessment will be completed, where we get to know a bit more about the kind of support you’re looking for. We’ll also ask how often you’d like to be visited, and what times / days work for you.

We will then visit you at your home, so we can discuss what you want us to support you with, and when. Once we have this information, we will formulate an outcome -based planner that is unique to you. This will highlight your support, the times you wish to be supported and for how long. This means you’ll be able to plan the rest of your day/week around your support. You can be visited several times a day, once a day or a few times a week; the choice is yours to make, based on your assessed support needs.

3 Things We Can Help With

Day to Day Skills

We can help with things like cooking, shopping and managing your bills.

Help to Be More Active in your Community

E.g. This fundraising day that we ran in 2019 for Breast Cancer Now.

Help to Decorate your Home

We can help with things that might be difficult on your own, like decorating your home.


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