South Glasgow Alcohol & Drug Recovery Hub

Your recovery, your way.


Everyone’s recovery journey is different.

If you are experiencing problems because of alcohol or drugs, we can support you on the road to recovery. Whether you are looking to safely reduce your drug / alcohol intake or cut it out completely, we can help. We will work with you, so that you are setting your own recovery goals, and then help you to reach them. Our staff are professional, non-judgmental, trauma-informed and friendly.


We are based in the Gorbals but we can work with people in different community settings as well. The Hub itself is the centre of our recovery community. It’s a safe space where everyone accepts and supports each other; where people who might be isolated can come together, make positive connections and learn from each other’s experiences.

We are committed to being accessible to anyone who needs our help; we’re proud that our team have developed Scotland’s first group support programme specifically for people from LGBTQ+ backgrounds.


How to Get Involved

All our services are free, confidential and open to anyone aged 16 or over in the South of Glasgow. Recovery starts with the very first contact you make with us, by phone, email, or in person. Get in touch with us directly, or via a referral from someone like a doctor, social worker or housing officer.

  • First we’ll need to make an assessment of your individual needs. This will be done by your key worker, and can be over the phone, at the nearest service base, at home, or another suitable venue.
  • Following assessments you will start your personal recovery plan which will be reviewed on a regular basis along the way to make sure you get the right support.
  • One to one sessions will be the key to planning and tracking your journey (using the Recovery Outcome Web) but you have the option to join structured therapeutic group work as well.

We can help with other stuff as well, including:

  • Parenting and pregnancy support
  • Counselling
  • Housing support, welfare advice and signposting
  • Linking you up with other recovery communities and local activities.

We work in partnership with other services to provide personal development, training, employment, volunteering and leisure activities too.

What People We Support Say:

“It’s like rediscovering being yourself. All too often we forget who we are, and we need to make sure we stay on that right path and get the support needed. ” Judith

2 Activities We Offer


We have our own in-house band, and guitar group. We also run open mic nights at the Hub, in collaboration with other recovery services.

Women's Group

A safe space for women to come and talk in a fun and relaxed environment. It is a friendly welcoming atmosphere where women can connect and focus on something other than the challenges they’re facing.


1st Floor
63 Carlton Place
G5 9TW

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