Southside Dementia Services

A ‘home from home’ where residents receive the support that’s right for them


Based in the Gorbals, Southside Dementia Services is made up of two residential care home services, McNeil Street and Moffat Street, within walking distance of each other. Both homes offer en suite accommodation for up to 8 residents at once.The relatively small size of the services ensures that our staff are able to really get to know our residents; through our Life Story books and care plans we make sure that  our residents receive support that’s tailored to their wishes, needs and choices. From medication to dietary requirements and leisure activities, everyone gets the care that’s right for them.

Family plays such a pivotal role in our sense of who we are. Alongside providing care for our residents, we’re here to support their loved ones as well. After our residents move in, we encourage them to maintain active relationships with their families. McNeil and Moffat street are ‘homes from home’, where family members regularly drop in to touch base with their loved ones.

Alongside long-established relationships, our residents build new ones as well. We are very active in our local community in the Gorbals and have formed excellent links with local nurseries, businesses, volunteer groups and musicians.

'You are all angels, Tommy's angels, I can't thank you enough for the care you give my wife.' - Tommy

Come rain or shine, there’s always something on the go; whether they want to shake a maraca, sing, dance or just listen quietly our residents are free to get involved in whatever way works for them. Residents are also supported to go out within the local community too, making trips to the shops and the football, depending on what they want to do.

How to Get Involved

If you or someone you know would like to join McNeil or Moffat street, you can contact us directly using the contact details below. Alternatively your GP, family member or Community Psychiatric Nurse  can make a request to your local Social Work Office.

To see our most recent Care Inspectorate report, click HERE.

3 Activities We Offer

Music and Activity Sessions

We have great links with local musicians and community groups.

Meetups with local nurseries

It’s great to see residents and children forming their own special friendships.

Support to Stay Active

Helping residents to increase their health and mobility.


57 McNeil Street
G5 0QF

256 Moffat Street
G5 0ND

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