Southside Older People's Services

Helping to make every day count for older people.


Our Southside Older People’s Services are dedicated to helping older people to get the most out of life. It is comprised of two separate residential care services based in the Govanhill area of Glasgow: Bankhall Court, for older people living with dementia, and Annandale Street, where we support older people who are experiencing mental health issues.

Guided by the Health and Social Care Standards, our work is underpinned by a culture of collaboration and effective support planning. Working very closely with families and with other organisations we promote independence and healthy living, helping our residents to regain lost skills and have a sense of purpose.

Our imaginative approach is based on risk enablement (rather than risk assessment); we bring a can-do attitude to life where every day counts; this helps those in our care to continue to live rich and fulfilling lives as much as possible.

Each of our residents is unique; the care they receive should be unique too. We want to get to know you / your loved one – only then can we provide the best possible support. We provide a person-led care package for each of our residents, and seek to include them (and their representatives) in all areas of decision making that are relevant to them. We are creative, flexible, and always ready to adapt our approach.

Our staff are well trained and considerate; they’re able to support individuals who are experiencing different mental health issues or different types of dementia and who have different associated support needs. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Spread across 5 floors, Bankhall Court is a quirky building with a unique approach. We provide 24 hour care for 17 adults over 50. Each room is en suite and residents are given their own key fob, to  encourage a sense of independence; residents can also make use of communal garden, courtyard, dining, activity and quiet spaces.

Annandale Street offers accommodation to 8 adults over 50. It’s a ground floor residence, with a homely, domestic feel. Each of the bedrooms  is personalised, and has it’s own en suite toilet. There is also a sheltered courtyard area, communal smoking and shower rooms, and a separate bathroom.

‘The only way I can put it is: Bankhall Court gave our Mum her life back, as it did us!’ Ann and Jacqueline, Family Members

How to Get Involved

If you or someone you know would like to move in to Bankhall Court, you can contact us directly using the details below. Alternatively your family / GP / Community Psychiatric Nurse can make a request to your local Social Work Office.  For Annandale street, you will need your GP / Community Psychiatric Nurse to contact your local Social Work office. From there you will be allocated a Care Manager, and we can take the first steps towards ensuring that Annandale Street will meet your needs.

3 Ways We Can Help

Staying Active

The link between a healthy body and a healthy mind is well known – we promote a healthy, active lifestyle for our residents.

Developing Community Links

We’re active in our local community, which helps to combat any feelings of social isolation our residents may experience.

Regular Events and Outings

From dementia friendly film screenings to concerts and music groups, there’s always something new on offer.


17 Bankhall Street
G42 8JS

8 Annandale Street
G42 7AH

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