The Victoria Project

Using the Recovery Model of Care to help people on their journey to independence.


Based across two buildings in Govanhill, the Victoria Project is a care home service that specializes in supporting adults living with mental health problems. As a recovery project our aim is to make sure you get the support that is right for you; we’ll help you to develop new skills along the way so that, in time, you have everything you need to move on and live more independently.

Our dedicated and compassionate staff build therapeutic relationships with those we support. Everyone has their own en-suite room, which can be personalised to their taste, and there are homely communal cooking and social spaces.

"The project is a very safe and supportive place, the staff are all very friendly and happy to chat with me whenever I want" - Drew

The aim of the service is for people to develop self-management tools which enable them to maximize their overall health and wellbeing, whilst enjoying a wide range of opportunities within the community. If you move into the Victoria Project you will be in charge of your own recovery journey; your outcome based support plan will be based around your hopes and ambitions.

Whether you’re looking to do a college course to learn new skills, or go to the cinema more to help with social anxiety, we’ll give you the support that’s right for you. We’ll also support you when it comes to accessing healthcare, counselling and advice services.

The ultimate outcome is for people to feel prepared to move on from Victoria to a less supported environment / mainstream tenancy. Some of the smaller steps towards reaching this goal may include: rebuilding relationships, having enhanced confidence and self-esteem and taking care of physical and mental health, so that you can feel in control of your life.


How To Get Involved

If you or someone you know would like to move in to the Victoria Project, you will need to be referred to us. If you make an appointment with a healthcare professional or the Care Manager in your local authority, they will carry out an assessment to make sure that you meet the criteria.

Referrals are made via the Glasgow Health and Social Care partnership.

If you are offered a place at Victoria, we’ll tell you more about the kinds of support we offer, and the accommodation when you come for your first visit.

What People We Support Say:

“I like being able to relax in my room, watch TV or listen to the radio, and if I need help staff are there”. David



74 Batson Street
G42 7HG

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