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We’re one of the most diverse and highly respected providers of social care and support for vulnerable people in Glasgow, West Central Scotland and beyond.

At any one time we will typically run around 40 different types of project, delivering support to over 1,500 individuals, their families and communities...

Every day is a challenge - to keep moving forward - to keep providing professional, individual and personal care and support to the vulnerable people who use our services- and who present with a wide range of need  

Funding has been restricted, and in some instances, removed all together. As a direct result of this funding pressure, we are finding it difficult to maintain some of our critical services- services that provide key support and care to the most vulnerable people in our community.

We are looking at different and innovative ways of offering support and of generating funds, and are actively seeking the support of our local communities, whether it be through volunteering time and direct support, or by way of financial donation. 


Can you help?

we're all about people...we're all about support...we're all about care...we're all about community...we're all about service...we're all about inclusion...we're all about continuity...


We’re themungofoundation, we’re proud to wear the Golden Ring of St. Mungo, and we’d be delighted if you could find it in your heart to wear it too.

This symbol not only reminds us one of the four miracles of the patron Saint of the great city of Glasgow - plucking Queen Languoreth’s wedding ring from a fish, caught in the Clyde, to prove her fidelity to King Riderch - but also represents everything that our charity has done since its foundation over thirty years ago.

The late Cardinal Winning called on us to tackle the effects of the widespread poverty and social exclusion in Glasgow in the 1970s and, as the Community Social Services Department of the Archdiocese of Glasgow and, latterly, as an independent faith-based organisation we’ve been caring for those in need for over thirty years.
Saint Mungo’s Ring reminds us that we’re all about care, all about community, all about inclusion, all about support, all about faith, all about continuity and all about quality of life…

We know that our services make a great difference to users, their families and the community as a whole, but we have to change how they are funded. That’s why we’re trying to catch people’s attention with such a clear symbol of continuity and faith – so that they - so that YOU - can understand what we’re all about and, hopefully, continue to support our mission, whether this is with time or direct financial support.

With your help we can keep improving and enhancing the quality of life of those in most need…

…it’s what we’re all about.