Refer a friend/family member and reward yourself with up to £450

Refer a friend or family member and receive up to £450.

How does it work?

We will make a payment to a staff member who refers a friend or family member, that we appoint, we will then make another payment when the new employee passes their six month probation.

For every friend or family member that we appoint you will receive £200, if that person starts with us, and another £250 when that person successfully completes their 6 month probation. So, that’s £450 to you to say thank you for helping us recruit!

All payments are taxable.

How many people can I refer?

There is no limit on the amount of people you refer. The more people you refer to us (who we appoint), the more cash payments you will receive.

Who is eligible?

All staff can make a referral.

Referrals can only be made for contracted posts (permanent or temporary, 6 month posts or longer).

If the new employee is part time the Refer a Friend payments will be pro-rated accordingly.

From the start of the scheme, current employees who leave TMF will only be eligible to re-join and benefit from the bonus scheme if they have at least a 3 month gap in service.

How do I refer a friend/family member?

You will need to complete a form, please email

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